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Justin Hopson

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Professional Services

  • Speaking Events
  • Whistleblower Casework
  • Legal Consultation
  • Private Investigation
  • Witness Testimony
  • Media Consultant

Professional Background 

2001 - California Highway Patrol - Hired as Cadet   
2001 - New Jersey State Police - Hired as Recruit  

2002 - Graduated the New Jersey State Police Academy with a certification in criminal justice.
2003 - Street Gang Awareness - NJSP Training

2003 - New Jersey State Police - Criminal Investigation Commendation(s) 

2004 - American Heart Association - CPR & AED - Certification

2005 - Performance Evaluation Management - NJ State Police Training
2005 - New Jersey State Police Instructor - Certification

2005- Selected as NCIC / CJIS Terminal Agency Coordinator for the State Governmental Security Bureau

2006 - Mercer County Prosecutor's Office - Criminal Investigation Commendation

2007 - Former Troopers Association - Member

2007 - National Whistleblower Center - Commendation

2008 - Charleston Citizens Academy - Certification 

2009 - Charleston Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Board Member

2010 - SC Association of Legal Investigators - Member

2012 - WV Leadership Conference - Keynote Speaker

2012 - Charleston Southern University - Speaker

2012 - Military Order of World Wars - Speaker

2012 - Featured Consultant on ABC News 20/20 "Confessions of a Cop"  

2013 - Featured Consultant on ABC News 20/20 
"Police Speeding" 

2013 - Interview with ABC News Lowcountry Live "Breaking the Blue Wall"

2013 - SC State Advisory Committee State Appointment

2016 - SC Concealed Weapons Training / Permit

2017 - Auburn University's 7th Annual Anti-Bullying Summit - Speaker

2017 - Quincy College Criminal Justice - Colloquium

June 11, 2015
Whistle-Blowers: Exposing Crime and Corruption, a textbook by Lerner Publishing Group, profiled Justin Hopson as a famous whistleblower and featured his award winning book, "Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man's War Against Police Corruption."
February 15, 2014
Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man's War against Police Corruption reaches  #14 on Amazon's True Crime book list, hitting its highest sales mark to date!
 June 14, 2013
We The People: A Portrait of Whistleblower Justin Hopson written by Jay Netherton states that, "regular people like Justin Hopson who possess the fortitude to go against the grain in support of a higher purpose that transcends any job description or social norm are the same kind of regular people who founded the freedoms that set America apart from so many other nations. It’s not a matter of clout, it’s not a matter of recognition, it’s a matter of caring."
July 24, 2013
South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, appointed Justin Hopson to State Advisory Committee
March 4, 2014
Long Island Press interviewed Justin Hopson relative to police corruption
April 24, 2012
Bloomberg News: Renewed Focus on NJ Police Misdeeds featured commentary by Justin Hopson relative to corruption.
December 6, 2012
ABC News 20/20: Confessions of a Cop interviewed Justin Hopson about his experience fighting police corruption and featured his award winning book to millions of viewers.
February 14, 2014
ABC News 20/20: Cops Caught Speeding with Deadly Consequences consulted with and interviewed Justin Hopson. Remarkably, 4.69 million viewers tuned-in.
May 27, 2012
The Post and Courier: Taking on the "Blue Wall" Hopson shakes up NJ State Police profiled the trials and tribulations of retired trooper, Justin Hopson.
June 13, 2013
River Cities Reader: War on Whistleblowers written by Kathleen McCarthy memorializes Justin Hopson and other whistleblowers by stating that, "without whistleblowers - employees within government and big business, at all levels, who risk their livelihoods and sometimes lives - the American public (and world) would have no knowledge about many of the most outrageous, dangerous, and covert activities perpetrated upon society."
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