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Chasing a Cheater - Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon!!
Chasing a Cheater 

A Private Eye's Tell-All on Cheating in America

The Roving Eye

His new-found flirtatious nature and sudden change in appearance are tell tale signs of infidelity. He love's you but likes her - don't let him play the game when you make the rules...

If you are not the center of attention then who is? The internet and smartphones have placed temptation at our fingertips 24/7. Social media and mobile dating will always capture the attention of a cheater's roving eye. 

The Vixen

Every woman's worst nightmare. A vixen will have whomever she desires no matter the cost. 

She is willing and able to fulfill his every desire but has a streak of jealousy because she has to share him. Her jealous streak makes her both promiscuous and unpredictable - just the way he likes it... Beware of the vixen.

The Affair

The kiss of death to any marriage. An affair, cheating, or however you'd like to describe being unfaithful, breaks the promise of monogamy.

Affairs occur everyday in every corner of our country as men and women deceive their families to satisfy a selfish desire. Label her a sex addict and call him a sinner, in the end they still indulged in forbidden love. Will they get caught or can they get away with the affair? 

The Aftermath

The gamut of emotions spins inside the love triangle. Anger, sadness, regret, and revenge fill your mind during the aftermath of the affair. You want and deserve an explanation to the elusive question of "Why."

The thin line between love and hate is palpable. Your marriage is falling apart as is your ability to reason... But no one is without fault, we all have a dark side.

The Consequences

The trust is lost, the family is broken and now what? She asks for forgiveness, he wants to reconcile and the therapist offers hope for the marriage. Things seem to get better until she doesn't come home on time and he doesn't answer his phone. Suspicions grow as your sex life becomes nonexistent. 

You find yourself in that dark place again - like the affair happened yesterday. Flashbacks and frustration start all over again. You forgave the deception but you won't forget the affair.
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