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Justin Hopson

Breaking the Blue Wall

Breaking the Blue Wall

One Man's War Against Police Corruption

With only 11 days on the job as a rookie New Jersey State Trooper, Justin Hopson witnessed his training officer unlawfully arrest a woman and falsely report DUI charges. When Trooper Hopson refused to testify in support of the illegal arrest, his life veered into a dangerous journey of harassment and retaliation. Fear, paranoia, and depression overtook Trooper Hopson as he was victimized by a secret society within the state police known as the "Lords of Discipline." For decades the Lords of Discipline (LOD) hazed and bullied fellow troopers in order to keep them in line and in fear of speaking out against police impropriety. But then the LOD targeted someone willing to put his career and life on the line to unearth wrongdoing...Trooper Hopson blew the whistle on the Lords of Discipline, sparking the largest internal investigation in state police history and high-profile federal case.

Trooper Hopson's true crime memoir takes you behind law enforcement's "blue wall of silence" and discloses his harrowing journey of exposing police corruption and living to tell about it. This compelling book is a modern day Serpico story, one where an ordinary cop with an extraordinary cause defies the odds and dangers of blowing the whistle on police corruption, brutality, and hazing. 

Justin Hopson's efforts have been recognized and supported by Frank Serpico (NYPD), Senator John Adler, The National Whistleblower Center, Jane Turner (FBI), and Dr. Susan Lipkins. In addition, Mr. Hopson has been interviewed and featured by ABC News, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lowcountry Live, The Star-Ledger, and 20/20. "Breaking the Blue Wall is a very cool book and a great read," Tom Crawford (ABC). 
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"I thought that police corruption was just something I saw on TV and in movies - this book opened my eyes. The author tells his story in such detail and with such passion that I felt like I was right there with him - experiencing emotions that I'd never felt while reading a book. The integrity that the author has is undeniable and he proved stedfast in the face of the "Lords of Discipline" and in his quest to seek justice and change so that others would not have to endure a similar hardship. I was unable to put the book down."

"Breaking the Blue Wall is definitely a page turner. You can almost visualize what's going as you read. It's one thing to see this kind of stuff happening in a movie, but it's another thing for some thing like this to happen to someone for real. I praise the author for doing the right thing and upholding the law. If you haven't bought the book, do it. It's worth every penny!"

"This is a terrific book about moral courage and the ramifications of a young man's decision following an event that occurred during his first few days on the job as a New Jersey state trooper. Justin Hopson is a rookie police officer who witnesses a wrongful arrest. Mr. Hopson's refusal to corroborate the superior officer's testimony ignites retaliation and harassment from the Lords of Discipline-a secret society of officers within the New Jersey State Police force aimed at maintaining the status quo. Mr. Hopson's actions are impressive considering what we know about how humans behave during ethical dilemmas; social psychology tells us that we are likely to yield to authority even when doing so violates our own moral convictions. The book highlights an important truism about whistle blowing-that it's not just about making a single, ethical decision (i.e., what would you do in such a situation?) but rather about making a series of ethical decisions in spite of excruciating pressure to fold (i.e., at what point would you give up? At what point might you regret the decision you made, and think, was it worth it?). Whistle blowing is well, not fun. And there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak when everyone comes together and says, "Thank you for doing this. This was the right thing." Mr. Hopson endures not only harassment, but threats to his very life and livelihood. Suspenseful and tightly written, Breaking the Blue Wall is a quick read-I finished it in a single afternoon. The prose is straightforward and no-nonsense, the narrator humble and believable."

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