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Justin Hopson

Award Winning Author 

Breaking the Bad Marriage

Riveting New Book
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Clear Eyed Perspective on a Modern Epedemic

This private eye's tell-all will take you behind the lens of a surveillance camera and allow you to unearth the dark deception behind adultery. You will understand that without a complete cultural shift away from infidelity in America, two out of three marriages will soon face a physical or emotional affair. The advent of social media, mobile dating, and smartphones allows for the temptation of casual sex and virtual relations at our fingertips 24/7. Award winning author, Justin Hopson, provides his audience with a no trespass sign for potential cheaters and an evacuation alarm to those who have been cheated on. No excuses, no apologies, and no alibis. This book is a "brutal truth" told by a retired state trooper turned private eye! 

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